A man and his wife are moving from Billings to Minneapolis. Three movers pack up the house. They all travel by Amtrak to Minneapolis. On the train, the movers talk about their anger towards a co-worker. They think he has it easy and doesn't deserve what he gets. In Minneapolis, the new house is half the size of the old one, and the furniture makes it impossible to move. The wife tells the men that she is a spiritualist and a seer. The movers ask to be paid, and the man pays them. The movers sing about going to the Vikings game.

Written and Directed by Richard Maxwell

Man: Josh Stamberg
Wife: Beata Fido
Mover #1: Lakpa Bhutia
Mover #2: Kevin Hurley
Mover #3: Gary Wilmes

Lights: Jane Cox

Production History

Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1996
Ontological-Hysteric Theater, New York 1997