Flight Courier Service
Rene signs up to be a flight courier. Carolyn, from Couriers International, sends him to Kuala Lumpur on a one-way ticket. On the plane, in front of Stewardess, he opens the package he is meant to deliver. When he arrives, Mr. Feldman, the package recipient, asks him why the package is open. Rene makes an excuse. He gets a funny feeling and escapes out the window, wrestling along the way with Lakpa, Mr. Feldman’s associate. Rene wanders the streets and runs into Stewardess. He asks if she can help him. Lakpa and Mr. Feldman want to kill him. Rene and Stewardess have sex. Stewardess tells Lakpa and Mr. Feldman where Rene is, but then she takes him to the airport to help him escape. Rene gets on the phone with Carolyn, who says they can send him with a package to Seoul, but he may not return.

Written and Directed by Richard Maxwell

Rene: Josh Stamberg
Carolyn: Kate Gleason
Stewardess: Kate Walsh
Lakpa: Lakpa Bhutia
Mr. Feldman: Bob Feldman

Lights: Jane Cox
Costumes: Sibyl Kempson

Production History

Ontological-Hysteric Theater, New York 1997