Showy Lady Slipper
Lori, Jennifer, and Erin are friends. They talk about driving, travel, horses, and men. Lori and Jennifer fight about Tracy, a woman they know who’ had some success in graphics. Jennifer gives Lori a necklace she made and they make up. John, Lori’s boyfriend, a race car driver, comes by. The women show him the clothing they bought. John asks Jennifer to go driving with him. They kiss. Lori sees them and John leaves. Lori throws Jennifer to the ground as the phone rings: John has died in a car accident. The women sing.

Written and Directed by Richard Maxwell

Lori: Sibyl Kempson
Erin: Ashley Turba
Jennifer: Jean Ann Garrish
John: Jim Fletcher

Musicians: Bryan Kelly, Scott Sherratt

Set: Joseph Silovsky
Costumes and Lights: Jane Cox
Producer: Diane White
Scenic Artist: Bill Ehret
Company Manager: Barbara Hogue
Stage Manager: Neal Wilkinson

Production History

Performance Space 122, New York 1999
Exit Festival, Créteil 2000
Festival Via, Maubeuge 2000
Kaaitheater, Brussels 2000
Holland Festival, Amsterdam 2000
Vienna Festival, 2000
Hebbel Theater, Berlin 2000


Showy Lady Slipper, Curtain Up, 1999
The Art of Artifice, The Village Voice, 1999


A co-production of Exit Festival and the Hebbel Theater.