Ute Mnos v. Crazy Liquors
In the courtroom, testimonies are given regarding a bar fight at Crazy Liquors where Ute Mnos had his leg broken. A barmaid, Kim Geever, bouncers Randall and Terry, and Crazy all give testimony. Ute is absent, as he has no recollection of the night in question. At the bar, on the night of the fight, Crazy tells the bouncers how to do their job without making trouble. Ute is very drunk and tries talking to Kim. He provokes Randall and Terry and gets thrown out. Randall admits to Terry that he broke Ute’s ankle by jumping on his foot. Ute wins his case and buys a motorcycle.

Written and Directed by Richard Maxwell

Bailiff/Daryl: Ryan Bronz
Judge: Bob Feldman
Joe: Yehuda Duenyas
Kim Geever: Emily Cass McDonnell
Prosecuting Attorney/Mike: Lakpa Bhutia
Randall: Gary Wilmes
Crazy: Jack Doulin
Terry: Jaymes Brevard
Ute Mnos: Kevin Hurley
Soapy: Ford Wright

Band: Andrew Bergman, Nicholas French, Chris Kirkman, Jamie Montgomery

Set and Lights: Eric Dyer
Costumes: Sibyl Kempson

Production History

Eden Arcade, New York 1998