Open Rehearsal
Linda, Sheena, Dr. Weissplatz, and Eleanor live in Salem. They are settlers; they struggle to be good. Dr. Weissplatz heals the children from illness. Linda buys Sheena a dress. Eleanor helps the doctor though she is a witch. Sheena likes to sing hymns. They plan a pageant. Linda and the doctor have an affair. At the pageant, Munoz Teddy appears, Linda's former lover. At the town meeting, Eleanor accuses Linda of adultery. There is a trial. Linda is judged. An effigy is burned.

Written and Directed by Richard Maxwell

Linda: Linda Mancini
Sheena: Sheena See
Doctor Weissplatz: Roy Faudree
Eleanor: Eleanor Hutchins
Munoz Teddy: Brian Mendes

Musician: Tom King

Set and Lights: Sascha van Riel
Costumes: Kaye Voyce
Company Manager: Nicholas Elliott
Dramaturge: Tom King

Production History

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 2012
For the 2012 Whitney Biennial, New York City Players rehearsed a play in public.


Richard Maxwell, Artforum, 2012
Richard Maxwell in Conversation with Marc Arthur, Performa Magazine, 2012