People Without History
In the year 1403, at the border of England and Wales, Alice forages for food. After the battle of Shrewsbury, Owain, a Welsh soldier, takes Blunt as his prisoner. Meanwhile, Mendace and Rhobert march another prisoner, Sheriff, to prison. At the prison, all the men are hungry and can hardly remember. Then Alice feeds them. Mendace and Sheriff talk about Woman, and the comfort she offers, and the inspiration. Alice talks about the difficulty of trying to heal the men with nothing, men who have forgotten their pasts and want to remember. She talks about absolving them of this desire and the pain of seeing them begin again. Alice and Rhobert find an understanding. Mendace tells Alice they will rape her. Alice tells the men that she has loved a woman. Alice calls herself the last woman on Earth. Owain and Blunt are alone on the road again. They talk about Amelia, a woman whose body Blunt once loved. They talk about the fear and sadness of having left their lives behind and the beauty of the landscape.

Written by Richard Maxwell
Directed by Brian Mendes

Alice: Tory Vazquez
Owain: Tom King
Blunt: Bob Feldman
Mendace: Pete Simpson
Rhobert: Jim Fletcher
Sheriff: Alex Delinois
Anonymous: Rafael Sánchez

Set and Costumes: Lara Furniss
Company Manager: Nicholas Elliott
Technical Director: Joseph Silovsky
Musical Dramaturge: Tom King
Assistant to Designer: Danielle B. Tolley

Production History

The Performing Garage, New York 2009
Project Arts Centre, Dublin 2010
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff 2010


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A co-production of Project Arts Centre.